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Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, the growing team at Chord works every day to help media organizations build stronger relationships with their audiences, communities, and employees.

Traditional media is the foundation of local news, community, and civic accountability. We know local media is under tremendous pressure right now, and the stranglehold placed on the space by the major ad platforms is only making matters worse. We're committed to helping media orgs not only survive, but thrive.

Our team is made up of a group of passionate start-up veterans who bring a deep and diverse mix of backgrounds to the table. We value connection and celebrate the unique interests and specialties (marketing, mapping, media, coding, retail, government, and restaurants) that make us who we are. When we’re not hiking, skiing, blasting 80s and 90s music, child-wrangling, or having our umpteenth energy drink of the day, we’re dreaming up new ways to help media orgs enhance relationships with their communities — because that’s what we’re all about… Relationships. People. Connections. We think it’s time to make local matter more than ever.


We use the term “headquartered” pretty loosely these days. Although our HQ is in Washington State, we practice what we preach and have a team that is now 100% remote. The reason Chord is so extraordinary? We use our own platform all day, every day.


Chord was built by people who are motivated to cultivate meaningful connections. We know that you’ll love Chord — simply put — because we love Chord.

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Careers at Chord

Careers at Chord